Rocket Fuel

Beating the Drum of Digital Advertising

An already successful digital-advertising startup, Rocket Fuel sought an agency partner that not only understood their business on a deeper level, but also their unique place in the market. The company’s previous agency had been largely unsuccessful in helping the company clearly define what made it different, and subsequent media coverage and interest was anemic.


The Faction Agency’s strategy was to reignite interest in Rocket Fuel with a particular emphasis on the technical and entrepreneurial acumen of its founders. The core campaign was built around regular executive-level media engagement, customer stories focused on how Rocket Fuel was improving ROI, and ultimately demonstrating Rocket Fuel as the indisputable rising star of the digital-advertising market.


Our new customer leverage program surfaced outstanding customers for feature treatment, engaged an entirely new set of advertising industry reporters, and got glowing exposure for the company through authored articles, opinion editorials, and thoughtful commentary by CEO George John. Product updates and customer stories all reinforced the messages of the overall campaign and helped the sales team demonstrate the superiority of Rocket Fuel’s technology while delivering a cohesive image to the market. Finally, we successfully publicized the company’s financing, garnering more coverage than any previous financial news issued by the Rocket Fuel including stories in The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, Reuters, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and Xconomy.