Unleashing the Long-Tail of Private Equity

Typically, investors are faced with limited choices when liquidating distressed technology assets, particularly patents and intellectual property. From patent trolls to the chop-shop mentality of creative destruction, methods vary but the objective is always the same—liquidate resources and then pay investors, effectively killing the technology and ending the company as a going concern. Ingk Labs salvages undervalued intellectual property from dying startups, and then brings it back to life as new companies. They challenged The Faction Agency to grow the visibility of the company through the debut of its inaugural technology initiatives, and to design a communications strategy that would highlight the importance of its distinctive IP strategy.


We positioned the company’s new approach as “IP rescue,” reinforced by a set of messages that tell the story of how Ingk Labs saves distressed technology assets from the “IP graveyard” with a re-entry strategy that recaptures and recapitalizes the long tail of the private-equity cycle. We then set about showcasing how Ingk Labs, through the convergence of its technology portfolio and its unique approach to the industry, helps solve one of private equity’s most vexing challenges.


By establishing relationships with highly influential journalists, and educating them on the full scope of the Ingk Labs proposition, our story of innovation and the economic gains from protecting and extending the life of distressed IP generated widespread interest among the private equity, venture capital, and angel investor communities. Stories appeared in The Wall Street Journal, GigaOM, and VentureBeat reflecting the company’s arresting point-of-view on IP strategy, and perhaps most importantly the company’s narrative was toasted among the private-equity class which opened the door to key partnerships with venture firms, technology partners, high net-worth investors, and Silicon Valley influencers.