Yield of Dreams

Business WeekStarted by a former child movie star and serial entrepreneur, IGE trades in virtual currency and provides gamer services for MMORPGs. Considered the premier dealer in the virtual economy, the company presented an unparalleled communications challenge to our team. We were charged with legitimizing the real-money trade of virtual currency in the eyes of the public amid active hostility (verging on belligerence) from a well-organized and influential group of detractors. The problem was amplified by a highly controversial management team with a well-publicized history of imperfections.


Our strategy was to build a new legacy for the company’s controversial executives while engendering positive awareness and goodwill among the gamer community, influencers and policymakers with a reputation-turnaround campaign that emphasized gamer advocacy, industry innovation, and market stewardship.


The results were incredible. We achieved a right-angle turn in the overall corporate perception of IGE, re-positioning the company as the undisputed leader of a newly defined secondary market for gamer services, and an advocate and friend of gamers worldwide. Our work garnered international business press coverage including cover stories in Business Week and Fortune and deep-dive feature stories by Reuters and Forbes. We eliminated the cascade of negative news coverage around the company and real-money trading, resulting in complete neutralization of the detractors who had run unchecked for years, and drove the adoption of IGE’s market metrics as the gold standard by the industry’s most respected analysts and watchers including DFC Intelligence and the vast universe of gamer-focused media.